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Photo is where we began our passionate journey.

Action and Sports. Portraits. Commercial. Our images speak for themselves. While we have done a number of different photographic styles, we have excelled in shooting athletes over the past decade. Today, we offer on-field action, on-location portraiture, corporate commercial work, and in-studio experiences.

On the Field

On-field action is where we got started back in 2012. It stemmed from our experience as professional and international players and then as coaches in Hawaii and now in Washington. While we have done architecture, events, and landscapes for clients, we always came back to the field. We have shot The Seattle Sounders, OL Reign, several NCAA and NAIA colleges, high school, and youth.

On Location & In the Studio

While the on-field action has been the most exciting part of photography for us, we quickly realized that capturing people in a different environment was the next step for us at Image Driven. Photographing individuals or small groups requires creativity, planning, and patience. It is the pursuit of that final vision that pushes us to excellence. Whether in our Redmond studio or on location, we have brought imagery to another level. 

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