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Elevate Your Image Game.

What We Do

Photo. Video. Graphics. Websites.

At Image Driven Media, we are relentlessly passionate in creating art. Photos that Inspire. Videos that tell compelling stories. Custom websites that bring it all together. Graphics that inspire. We provide all the imagery solutions you need to elevate your digital game.

Image Driven Solutions


On the Field. On Location. In the Studio. Image Driven offers a wide array of photography services including: On-Field Action, On-Location portraits, Studio Photo Sessions, Landscapes, and more.


Video services include, promotional works, documentaries, and commercials. We have a full-studio that can deliver video to the web as well as television. We specialize in short-form video targeted for distribution on the web and in social media


Custom Website Builds

Custom websites are where every piece of imagery we create for our clients is showcased. Our websites are not only beautiful, but user experience is optimized for both desktop and mobile applications.



Having great photo and video assets is only part of the puzzle. Adding motion and stills graphics to our imagery for use in social media, email, and print campaigns are a huge boost to your marketing efforts.

The Image Driven Solution

Providing professional imagery to boost your brand

One of the biggest issues companies face is creating customized, creative imagery for their brand and have it optimized for everything they do. Image Driven takes care of these issues by providing professional photo, video, and graphics for digital use everywhere, from customized websites to social media. Image Driven brings creativity, imagery, and functionality together.

What We Do

Imagery Elevated.

Image Driven began as a sports photo and video company in 2012, rooted in working with athletes of all levels, from youth to college, to the pros.


On the Field, On Location, & In the Studio

Today, we are sought-after commercial and action photographers, providing imagery to some of the most recognized sports organizations in the Pacific Northwest. As a result, we can now provide a larger spectrum of photography work to our clients. Image Driven has its own studio space to photograph headshots and portraits. We also go on-location to create images that tell unique stories.


Passion with Motion

While photography was where it all started, video quickly became one of our biggest passions at Image Driven. Before we started with professional imagery, we were musicians and sound engineers. Video provided a great way to keep that passion alive. Today we are a full-service film studio, ready to shoot interviews, promotions, documentaries, and commercials.

Websites & Media

Bringing Imagery and Design Together

At Image Driven, we quickly realized we needed places in the digital realm that would feature our best work. That also allowed us to feature our best work created for our clients. Creating fully customized, media-rich websites were the answer. Our websites are beautiful, easy to navigate, and easy to manage. Imagery, both photo and video is also optimized for social media and marketing campaigns, bringing your media presence on the web to another level.

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